Getting Started with Lomotif

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Making a Lomotif video is very simple! Select how many every videos and photos you’d like here, pick a song there, & voilà! In your hands lies an amazing video that your creativity has designed effortlessly.

If you're familiar with Lomotif app, but are experiencing problems with a recent update, click here to view a list of known issues.

Read on to learn how to make your video even more unique— to crop it, reorder it, add filters & do a lot more!

Does Lomotif crop my videos?

You can include any part of a photo or a video, easily resize & crop them in any way you’d like. Select the clip you’d like to adjust by simply tapping on the thumbnail. Pinch the screen to zoom, & drag to reposition the clips.

(Pro Tip: Pinch to zoom out to include your entire portrait or landscape clips!)

Why isn't a part of my video clip included in the final Lomotif video?

While the first preview is generated automatically, you can always select & edit the part of the video clip that you want by simply tapping the circle thumbnail. By doing so, you’ll see the selected clip’s timeline. Drag the rectangle, i.e., your selector, & choose the moment of that video you want to be a part of your Lomotif.

How do I change the sequence of the clips?

To reorder the sequence of your clips, simply tap and hold the clip's thumbnail— that’s the little circle image— then drag and drop it anywhere you wish on the timeline.

Tap & hold the circular thumbnail of the video clip. Rearrange the order of your clips by dragging & dropping them wherever you want on the timeline.

How do I delete a clip?

Delete any clip by tapping & holding it. Carry it to the ‘—’ symbol that appears.

What is the maximum number of clips I can use in a music video?

You can include an unlimited number of clips! Trust us, we’ve tried over a thousand clips & created the coolest videos.

Bonus tip! Shake to shuffle your clips.

Shake to Shuffle is a new feature. You can also disable the feature by toggling the Shake to Shuffle switch in the "Adjust" panel.

Can I add/change filters?

Yeah, definitely. There’s a ‘Filters’ option on the Create screen that allows you to enable them. To change them, just swipe on your preview screen to view the different effects created by each filter on your Lomotif.

Can I add a title to my video?

Sure thing! Type it in on the ‘Enter a Title’ section on your Create screen. You can tweak the font and colour however you want to!

How can I create a collage on Lomotif?

For collages, use the free Cinepic app to make amazing video collages, in which you can even add little square videos appear and disappear! >

How do I capture slow-motion on Lomotif?

Easy-peasy. Use the native camera app on your device to create an awesome ‘slow-motif’. Then, simply import them onto Lomotif from your gallery.

How do I capture timelapses on Lomotif?

Lemon-squeezy. Timelapses make some of the best Lomotifs. To capture them, use the camera app native to your device, or download Instagram’s free Hyperlapse app.

(Pro Tip: Why not use several timelapses to weave together the best video ever?)

How do I use my own songs as a soundtrack for my Lomotif?

Simply import the song you want onto your iTunes music library. Launch iTunes on your computer. Then, you can go to the “File” menu where you can “Add to Library”. Now that you’ve imported your song easily access it on the Lomotif app.

What are Motifs?

Lomotif is proud to present one of its latest features! Use ‘em Motifs to add more innovativeness to your video! Browse & use thousands of user-generated clips in this section. Add clouds & birds to your #Summerlomotif! Make a "Relationship Goals" tribute with Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill clips. Or just go crazy with awesome, random visuals! It’s all about you and your imagination!

Lomotifs are music videos, and you’re the director and the star. While Motifs are currently in beta, do check back soon for updates! You can find the ‘Motifs’ tab in the ‘Video’ section of your app.

I am still having problems with Lomotif app. Please help!

On the app, access the settings tab that’s on the top-right corner of the first screen & click “Send Feedback”. You’ll then be able to send an email to the Lomotif support team. Otherwise, you can always send an email to [email protected]

Do you have a tutorial?

You can always view this video this video here for the basics. If you're already a pro with the Lomotif app, but feel like it’s acting up or you seem to be experiencing problems with a recent update, click here to view a list of known issues.

Known Issues

If you know the basics, but think Lomotif app is acting up...

Known Issues for Version 1.7.12

We strive to do our very best, but everybody makes mistakes. We’ve accounted for following list of known issues with the app. Don’t worry, we’re trying to solve these as fast as we can.

We’re ever so grateful to all our amazing users who took out time to write their problems to us. Every time we see a bug, we’ll keep adding them to this list.

We are always looking to resolve every issue in subsequent builds. To avoid having problems, we strongly recommend that you constantly update Lomotif to its latest version, wherein the major crash issues have been fixed.

Why do I see that some of my clips missing? Black frames? Errors every time I try to export my video?

Don’t worry, your device isn’t haunted. Sometimes adding video clips that were shared with you via iCloud could cause unexpected errors in your project. This is because of how videos in iCloud are streamed but not downloaded in your device. It’s an apple thing, really.

Overall, we’d suggest you to avoid using media from the iCloud Photo Sharing albums! If you'd really like to still use the clip, you'll need to save it to your camera roll first, so ask your friend to share the video clip with you via email or SMS instead.

If you don’t want to use photos or videos from the cloud, then simply click on the thumbnail of the clip that precedes the black frames. Now move the rectangle selector around. Exit out of the clip-view mode, & TA-DAH! You’d have removed black frames for one part of your video. Now, you simply need to do this wherever you see black frames. It’s a hassle yeah, we couldn’t agree more, & we’re really sorry! We’re trying to fix this bug as fast as we possibly can.

What's new with the latest update?

We've got a new watermark in our latest update!

Version 1.8.0 allows you to export Lomotifs of any duration (from 3 secs - 30secs). You can make the coolest looping videos with this tweak! You can also try the new "Shake to Shuffle" feature.

Version 1.7.0 introduces stickers and more!

Version 1.6.0 will allow you to use an UNLIMITED number of clips... (We've tried more than a thousand and it looks great!)

So there you have it folks! This is the end of the FAQs section. We’re constantly bettering our app, so do remember to regularly update Lomotif to its latest version! By keeping your push notifications on, we can remind you every time we update and improve Lomotif for helping your experience be even better.